LucidLC 5.9.4 released

21 July 2014

Adds support for the new Thermoled range including OLED thermostat and dual channel relay in DS1 housing. Also includes a firmware update for the L/T ...

Lucid 5.9.3 released

03 September 2013

The scene window includes an automatic retry when fetching scene data from dimmer, preventing a stall if one of the messages gets lost. A new device ...

LucidLC 5.9.2 released

11 July 2013

This corrects a bug where DMX lamps were being switched off every minute if turned on manually in a zone which was otherwise off.

LUCID Lighting offers a modular, scene-based, intelligent lighting control system which can truly be scaled from a single room in a domestic property through to many areas in a much larger environment such as a hotel and conference suite. Whatever the application, the system has been designed with convenience in mind.

All LUCID products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, and are backed with full technical support from experienced commissioning engineers, and the added advantage of further support directly from the design engineers if required.

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EASE OF USE is always of prime concern. Our scene-based controls respond to a single button press to set all the lights in a room for a particular mood or task, or if you prefer, level buttons provide full control of each individual lamp. Our OLED display plates are bright and clear from any angle and provide an icon and text to indicate the function of each button.

EASE OF INSTALLATION helps keep costs down. Our switch modules can be fitted to any manufacturer's decorative plates. Ready-made dimmer cabinets are available to simplify fitting, and they can be pre-configured to your exact requirements. The data network uses low-cost cable to connect devices and dimmer modules together, with quick-connect terminals on the control plate modules. Device and zone addressing can be set up using the devices themselves without requiring specialist installation software.

ENERGY CONSERVATION is becoming more important, both in terms of cutting costs and reducing environmental impact. Our sensors can detect room occupancy and turn off lights automatically when not required. Daylight sensing can be used to take advantage of natural light and reduce lighting levels accordingly. Soft-start and dimming not only reduces energy use but also extends the life of incandescent and halogen bulbs, saving cost and reducing landfill waste.

LED LIGHTING is set to replace halogen lighting in the next few years. LUCID halogen dimmers can control most LED lamps such as dimmable replacement GU10, or alternatively a fluorescent dimmer can control 0-10V LED transformers designed for single LED lamps and LED arrays. A colour LED driver is also available giving colour selection, cycling and sequencing for RGB strip lighting, whilst still under the overall control of the LUCID lighting network.