LucidLC 5.9.4 released

21 July 2014

Adds support for the new Thermoled range including OLED thermostat and dual channel relay in DS1 housing. Also includes a firmware update for the L/T ...

Lucid 5.9.3 released

03 September 2013

The scene window includes an automatic retry when fetching scene data from dimmer, preventing a stall if one of the messages gets lost. A new device ...

LucidLC 5.9.2 released

11 July 2013

This corrects a bug where DMX lamps were being switched off every minute if turned on manually in a zone which was otherwise off.

LUCID Lighting has designed and developed, and manufactures, a truly customisable range of triac-controlled, leading-edge dimmers. They are able to control: Incandescent or tungsten lamp-loads of up to 5000 watts per channel, dimmable energy-saving laps, dimmable 1-10V ballasts for fluorescent lights and dimmable drivers for LED lighting. Also available is a range of volt–free relay boards that can be used to switch power circuits such as non–dimmable lighting circuits, fans, electric curtains & blinds, electric gates etc.

When the dimmer or relay boards are combined with control-modules from the LUCID Lighting range, a scene-based lighting-control system with infra-red capability can be constructed to suit installations large and small, domestic or commercial. The control-modules are connected to the dimmers with a low-voltage CAT5 network and communicate using our Hy-Net protocol, which is a proven, easy-to-use, robust interface, with an integral watchdog facility.

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display plate image

OLED Display Plates

LUCID Lighting has developed a new generation of display plates that utilises the latest Organic LED Display technology. The display has far superior contrast ratio and viewing angle than the traditional LCD modules currently used in small displays. This results in a display screen that that is crystal clear and can be read from virtually any angle, at a distance of a few metres in any ambient lighting conditions. As with our standard button plates, these modules communicate with the LUCID dimmer systems via LUCID Hy-Net protocol, and can be fitted to any manufacturer's decorative plates.

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Control Plates

LUCID button modules communicate with the LUCID dimmer systems via LUCID Hy-Net protocol. The modules are universal so they can be mounted to any manufacturer's decorative plates, giving the customer the ability to match their existing light fittings. Added to this facility LUCID can offer custom designed plates providing a truly flexible system. Control plates are available as standard single (88x88 mm) or double (146x88 mm) plate sizes to fit a standard 35mm back box. Choose 4, 8, 12 or 16 button versions using Elliptical or Halo style switches with the option of blue, red or green back-lit LEDs, allowing for ease of use in low light conditions.

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Smartphone Apps

Control your lighting from your phone. Install the LUCID iPhone app and you have complete control of your lighting directly from your iPhone or iPad. As well as changing levels you can set timed events, turn lights on at dusk or open the gates automatically as you approach the house.

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Satellite Dimmer and Relay Packs

The LUCID Lighting range of satellite dimmers is available off the shelf as standard packs. They have been designed for small to medium lighting projects. Packs can be grouped together locally or spread out around a building's structure, providing a highly versatile solution when space is at a premium.

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Single Dimmer and Relay Packs

The DS-1 range provides single-channel capability in a compact package, but with all the features of the larger satellite dimmer packs. These packs can be grouped together locally or spread out around a building's structure, or used to extend an existing system.

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Multi-Channel Cabinet Systems

These larger enclosures have been developed to enable lighting designers and installers to specify combinations of our dimmer cards to create a fully linked multi-channel system for larger houses and buildings. Multi-channel systems include MCB protection, single or three phase supply / isolation, and DIN rail mounted terminals for CAT5 cable and all out going loads. The Hy-net protocol allows for all dimmers and relays to keep their individual identity / address. Multichannel systems have extra space within the enclosures to include fire / security equipment providing a total lighting solution. It is also possible to add to the existing system should more dimmers, relays or control plates be required, making the systems future proof.

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LUCID Lighting Sensors and Accessories

We offer a range of accessories to help control the lighting, such as a remote control handset and a PIR sensor, and modules to enable linking to other components such as external sensors and other manufacturer's equipment.

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LUCID Lighting Configuration Software

The LUCID Lighting Configuration program provides advanced configuration capability for all LUCID lighting systems and is free to download.

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